Characteristics of the customized ESOP System
One-stop platform

It covers the process of grant, ownership, exercise, approval, stock processing as well as its extended monitoring and tax calculation

Segregated account

There are “company management” and “employee” accounts to effectively manage and implement the plan

On a unified platform, one account can manage the incentive plan at different stages or even different incentive plans

Automatic report generation

There are various reports related to the plan, such as account overview, exercise application, review records, stock transaction, transaction records, capital gains details, etc.

Automatic calculation function

Detailed display of the funds required for the exercise and the transaction fees for the sale of stocks

Intelligent tax, cost and profit calculation function

E-mail prompt in real time

Information such as the start of the plan, the lock-in period and the expiration of the duration are all prompted

There are prompts for various procedures such as exercise application, approval results, depositing and selling of stocks, which help manage and monitor the progress of the entire plan

Comprehensive supporting services

Through Victory′s multi-platform services, we provide asset management services such as asset allocation advice, wealth management, fund trading and insurance